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My Vault Denim Review

Ever dreamed of owning your own fashion boutique, but did not want the hassle of owning a brick and mortar store?

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How I Got Started In Vault Denim

When I found out about Vault Denim, there was one question that was keeping me from jumping in…
Are The ‘Designer’ Jeans REALLY Authentic?

In fact, after I found out about Vault Denim, I emailed the website that referred me and asked the owner if there was a way that I could SEE the jeans before I paid my $159 to sign up.

Now, the owner of the website is currently my upline sponsor. She emailed me back with the cell number for the RC in my area to contact, letting me know that the RC was expecting my call. The RC’s are the individuals who have elected to house the inventory of jeans and who you pick up the inventory from when you do parties.

So, this RC, let me, out of the clear blue, set up an appointment time for me to come into her house with my two boys, and look at the inventory. She also answered my questions I had about Vault Denim and let my boys run around her house playing with her son who was around the same age. She totally didn’t have to, but did.

For a short time while I lived in Los Angeles, I worked for a friend listing auctions for her Ebay store. She would shop in thrift stores and resell brand name items on Ebay. She would bring home gobs and gobs of pre-owned designer jeans and I would list them for her. Designer jeans are everywhere in LA. So, through that job, I was able to recognize the unique quality and design of designer jeans. I became familiar with the labels, stitching, make, sizing, etc. So, I am able to spot whether a pair of ‘Seven For All Mankind’ or ‘Rock and Republic’ or other brands, are fake.

The jeans at the RC’s house were not fakes.
I signed up with Vault Denim the next week.

Granted, you should know, and the RC also explained to me, that only about 1/3 of your inventory will be the premium, designer jeans. The other 2/3 will be the boutique, “bling” jeans that Vault Denim also sells…which are equally cute and of good quality, but will not have the same upscale, recognizable brand names.

The Business Opportunity

The jeans are fun to wear, and easy to sell to those who are looking for jeans in a slightly higher price-range than you will find at, say, Target. The jeans are priced in the range of $48-$92, and are discounted as low as $19.99 when on sale or clearance.

You will find a network of wonderful women who are ready and eager to help each other at Vault Denim. There is no cutthroat atmosphere. We help each other out. For example, if one has booked a party but can’t make it, she puts it out to other VFCs to take over. It’s a team atmosphere.

There is ample opportunity for all to succeed here, not just those at “the top”. Plus, you can make money immediately…it is all dependent on how many parties you book and online sales you make. That’s it.

It is also a great opportunity, so it is easy to bring new people in along the way.

Owning your own business has never been so easy and rewarding. Invest in yourself and your business when you sign up as a Vault Fashion Consultant. Unlike other companies, Vault Denim does not require the purchase of hundreds or thousands of dollars in inventory to get started. Once you have submitted the low sign-up fee of just $159.00, inventory is immediately available to you from a local Inventory Coordinator who stocks hundreds of jeans to check out for your parties and events. Inventories are constantly replenished and refreshed so they remain up-to-date. You plan the party, the jeans will be supplied. What a remarkable concept! We hope you will add your passion and talent to our ever growing field of Vault Fashion Consultants.

Vault Denim offers the opportunity to have current fashions at a discounted price in the comfort of your own home. It doesn’t get better than this.

The Vault Denim skincare line brought to you by Fenix Cosmetics is also premium, and has done miracles for my skin. Fine lines are now gone using all the products as one whole regimen.
Check out my complete Fenix Cosmetics review here.

Think You May Be Interested? How To Sign Up To Be A Vault Denim Consultant

To sign up to be a consultant, go to my Vault Denim page here and click on the red “Sign Up Now” button on the right-hand side.

Enter in all of your information in the “New VFC’s” area, and create a username and password.

Want to know if there is an inventory in your area?
Want to host a party in the Oklahoma area?
Email me with any questions or concerns at

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